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int of careful explanation, I was able to get the native blacksmiths to make me a very efficient substitute.[6] The natives were very much interested in the building operations, and when the house was finished I used to invite the chief and his headmen to visit me there. The house, which was built in the bungalow style, common to European houses in the tropics, looked very well, and though the windows were, of course, unglazed, I had shutters made, with wh

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ich I could close them at night. 6. I have read that the use of nails was practically unknown in England until the latter half of the eighteenth century. In the meanwhile I had been getting better acquainted with the country, and found that the people lived in a constant state of civil war. Every day men came to me to have their wounds dressed, and I heard of many being killed. As I have already said, the country was very mountainous, and each hill had i